Going Ahead with Getting Triple Glazing Colton

It seems that there are improvements in every field you can think of, even the in the world of windows and double glazing. For those of us who are not content with two layers, there is now triple glazing, as I found out recently when I needed to fit new windows and decided to go for triple glazing Colton. The first thing to do was read all about it and once the research was complete, I had to decide which company I wished to choose to complete the work.

Originally devised for the harsh winters of Canada and Scandinavian countries, triple glazing could reduce the heat loss through the windows by a third more than efficient double glazing, and the sound insulation is improved too. The main benefit is in thermal insulation. As the house will stay warmer, less energy will be used in heating it – good for the environment and for your pocket. While double glazing consists of two layers of glass with an air gap between them, triple glazing gives you three layers of glass and two air gaps. Just as with double glazing, the glass can be treated to make it more energy efficient, and the air gap can be filled with an inert gas such as argon, to help to reduce the heat loss.

To improve the energy values, low-emissivity metallic coatings can be added. These reflect back some of the heat back into the house which would otherwise be lost through the glazing. The glass can also be toughened, as it is for windscreens, so that if broken it forms small pieces without sharp edges, or laminated, which if damaged may crack but should hold together. The window frame must have a good U-value, which is a measure of the thermal properties of the material. Timber is the top choice, with better U-values than metal, even if the metal has a thermal break.

What is the U-value?

The amount of heat lost through a building element depends on the material it is made from and whether it transmits heat easily, also the difference in temperature between inside and outside and finally the surface area that you lose heat through, expressed as a U-value. The U-value for a window is calculated individually for the glass and frame, for the relative area of each.

Reasons for choosing triple glazing

” Save even more on your energy bills – triple glazed units have an optimised energy balance to maximise cost savings. Triple glazing allows a high level of solar heat gain, capturing free heat energy from outside during the daytime to warm the home.

” Maximum comfort – the thermal efficiency of triple glazed units ensures that cold spots are eliminated. Triple glazed units can also be used to reduce noise levels from outside.

” Enhanced security – the extra pane of glass ensures that your windows are less easy to break.

All of these reasons made sense to me and so I decided to go ahead with triple glazing Colton.