Pros And Cons of Stone And Siding – Choose it Wisely

Nowadays, you can easily find a wide variety for building products from natural stone veneer to faux stone veneer. However, being one of the most cost-effective stones, stone and siding is still the number one choice of many. Both of them have some serious pros and cons, which are discussed as follows in order to help readers in selecting the most suitable one.

Stucco is actually a mixture of sand, lime and water that is mainly used as a layering on the ceilings and walls. However to enhance the longevity, water resistance, and flexibility of stucco, material like Portland cement and other synthetic materials like glass fiber, acrylic, etc. are added to this mixture. This mixture demands for less maintenance and can be easily applicable to almost every type of wall surface.

Siding, on the other hand, is the exterior most covering of a building which is applied to shed water, protect the construction from being affected from harsh climatic conditions, and to add aesthetic value to the structure. Its usually manufactured in vertical or horizontal sheets or boards using material like metal, wood and /or plastic. Wooden siding requires simple installation procedure and provides adaptable style but demands serious preservation from severe moisture conditions, termites and ants, etc. Metal sheets are also popular for its strength, pests and fire resistance and require low maintenance but they are quite tedious to install and offer poor insulation. Being made of PVC and available at affordable prices, plastic siding is the most favorite options amongst others. Moreover, it is easy to install, light weight and water resistant, and need comparatively low safeguarding.

Choosing between stone and siding could be a difficult task. Mounting stucco is quite easy but exact amount of all ingredients that too mixed properly is required to make the walls waterproofed. Besides, its installation asks expertise and skills as well. Whereas siding, especially vinyl siding can also be installed easily but in comparison to stucco it offer less durability and weather resistance. Moreover, at times of heavy winds, vinyl siding might get damaged or cracked. Also, it might get freeze thus crack during chilly winters but stucco maintains the cool aura inside the home even during warm and sunny days.

Both stucco, siding cost differently depending on the method you choose, however vinyl siding is comparatively less expensive. But, stucco offers improved aesthetic and more natural look to your place.

To summarize with, you can consider any type of stone, stucco and siding be it interior stone veneer, classic cut stone or wooden siding, it is highly recommended to choose it wisely only after scrutinizing the pros and cons of each.